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Upper Mission versus “the flats”. It’s a tough choice for those looking to move into the area. Pros and cons are almost equally balanced for either location. In the end, it’s choosing the attributes that matter most to you. But at what expense?

Developers of The Ponds, a community of new homes and lots located at the top of Gordon Drive, are fully aware of the challenges inherent in living on the hill. So, within the design of their Phase 4 homesites, they’ve incorporated some innovative fixes to eliminate the downside of upside living. For some, this definitely delivers the best of both worlds.

Kid-friendly flat roads, and views.
This is a big one! Living on a hillside means great lake views. The higher the better. The community is situated on a panoramic view slope offering both flat streets and loftier homesites for those who want to maximize views.

Phase 4 at The Ponds goes a step further with flat cul-de-sacs, perfect for kids who are learning to ride a bike, who love to scooter and play outdoors without the worry of through traffic or sharp inclines. Meanwhile, the lots themselves slope downward from the road for unobstructed sightlines of the lake.

No walk-ups means backyard sunsets, main floor living and maximum privacy.
Living on a mountainside in BC involves one of two options… you reside above your road, or below it. Homes on the uphill side of the street are not for everyone. Main living areas on the upper floor maximize views but walking up the stairs to your kitchen carrying groceries isn’t ideal. Then, the views and setting sun have to be enjoyed through front windows and decks overlooking the street while a row of neighbours overlooks your backyard.

Although built along the hillside, The Ponds’ Phase 4 lots are all designed to accommodate homes with west or northwest-facing backyards offering poolside sunsets over the city and Lake Okanagan. Main floor living allows for easy access to the road with walk-out lower levels.

Custom homes and attractive streetscapes.
Some developments rely on cookie-cutter house plans resulting in an urban sprawl of undistinguishable homes. To avoid this, The Ponds embraces a “bring your own builder” policy to encourage variety. The result is a growing community of unique homes and charming neighbourhoods.

Those intent on a personalized home don’t need to renovate one, they can simply build it! Living at The Ponds means you can create a unique, custom-designed home without sacrificing the modern conveniences as you may have to with renovations. With new construction you can have large rooms, new appliances, ensuites, energy efficient windows, open plans, walk-in closets… the list is as long as you choose to make it.

Walking distance to nature, future stores and schools.
Currently, living in the Upper Mission can result in a fair amount of driving, it’s true. With plans for a future Village Centre and middle school in place, The Ponds is changing that and soon no driving will be required for those living at The Ponds. For now, most services and amenities are located just down the hill. Work, shopping, the kids’ activities, they’re all about 10-15 minutes away which in comparison to larger centres, doesn’t even qualify as a “commute”. And the upside is a much quieter, peaceful home life for Upper Mission residents, far away from the hustle and bustle of the lower levels.

Meanwhile, on the weekends you can look forward to leaving the car behind. If you enjoy mountain biking, nature walks, bird watching, photography, and forest hikes, these things are just outside your door at The Ponds.

Selling Fast!
Although Phase 4 is currently 80% SOLD, a number of panoramic view lots are still available. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your dream home in in this spectacular phase at The Ponds.

For more information about Phase 4 lots, call 250-764-8700 or visit The Ponds Sales Centre at the corner of Gordon Drive and Frost Road, open Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm.

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